Thursday, March 15, 2007

Introducing Local Foods SF

Welcome to Local Foods SF. Through this blog I will disseminate information on sustainably produced local organic foods enabling Bay Area residents to reduce their dietary footprint. The main impediment to localizing our eating is lack of information. This is where Local Foods SF comes in. Through LF SF I hope to connect thoughtful consumers to caring producers and close the information gap that the industrial producers count on to keep us on their processed food treadmill.

If you are a local producer, tell us about your operation, how to access your product, and how to communicate with you. There are a lot of us out here yearning to make a connection with you. If you are a thoughtful consumer, tell us where you get your food, who do you buy from, what do you know that would help us make better choices. Also, let us know what you are reading about this issue so that others can be as informed.

Over time, LF SF can become a clearinghouse to help us support sustainably produced local foods. But to achieve this I will need your help. I don't claim to be an expert or to know the entire local food landscape. Therefore I am asking you to be the correspondents for LF SF. Tell us what you know, send us your links, critique the food/industrial complex to your heart's content (and good health). More importantly, share your solutions and connections.

Through LF SF I would also like to address the issue of food justice. We should all be concerned that the "greening" of our communities has largely been a middle class and affluent phenomena. Access to healthy, sustainably produced foods must be equitable or we will be in danger of creating a green foods apartheid. Therefore one of the main commitments of this blog will be to provide information enabling limited income consumers and historically marginalized communities to have access to sustainable foods. Lend a hand by becoming informed on this issue and share what you know.

Let’s empower ourselves and, little by little, abandon the dysfunctional producer/consumer-victim situation we find ourselves in. If there is truth in the proverb you are what you eat, let’s find out who we really are.

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Liz said...

Hi there,
Love your blog. These are terms we all need to know, especially in this rapid awareness time here in SF. I'm a chef in the city and am starting my own instructional cooking services as well as educating on the slow movement. I would love to hear all your updates from our favorite farmers and your educational tools. coming soon.