Monday, March 23, 2009

Article: Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?

This past Sunday , the NY Times Business section included a long article about the mainstreaming of the organic and local foods movement. The heart of the argument is that the "revolution" has penetrated even to the top echelon of our government elite. The ebullient mood of many of the movements heavyweights, such as Alice Waters (pictured above), was mentioned several times. Much was made of the posturing among these "pioneers" and some of the leading non-profit lobbies, as they elbow their way to sit at the table with Obama and his administration. But, with all due respect to the godmother of locavoring, a celebrity cat-fight in Washington is quite a boring and unproductive topic.

Given that this article was in the business section I can only assume that its purpose was to gauge the profit potential of a sector now in vogue on Capitol Hill. The author however does paint a candid picture of the situation: while the higher ups are enthusiastic they are handcuffed by a congress that is still in the back pocket of agribusiness. Philosophy talks, money walks.

No matter. As the author also points out, this movement has been steadily chipping away, using a growing purchasing power to force the market. The most optimistic point made in the article is that The Omnivore's Dilemma is now ubiquitous in the halls of congress. Maybe we are in vogue.

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