Monday, March 9, 2009

Back on the Blog

After a long hiatus because our family has sprouted a new addition (Inez is now almost 9 months old), San Francisco Local Foods is back. It is hard to believe how much more momentum this movement has taken in the meantime. From the start, this energy has come because of grassroots efforts but may not be unrelated to a new sense of optimism brought on by the change in leadership in Washington. There has even been a serious discussion about displacing a portion of the White House lawn to make way for an organic kitchen garden (along with a new position of Farmer in chief).

It is now hard to find a mainstream publication or news outlet that has not covered local food movements and no more telling sign than the recent adoption of the word locavore by the editors of the Oxford American Dictionary (although this html editor still underlines the word in red).

We missed bringing you the news from our local scene and we are glad to be back in the stream.

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Oliver said...

Yippee! I'm glad your are back!