Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicken Coop Chic on the Radio

I recently read a slimly substantiated op-ed piece on Slate about the supposed media driven non-trend of backyard chicken rearing. The author contended that these news items were popping up and that news outlets where all feeding off each other. The argument hinged around the fact that the numbers were never included. Well a raspberry to you, Slate. In the course of the last few months several friends have expressed interest, had owned chickens in the past, or have begun to build their own coops. The chicken and duck workshop I attended had over 40 attendees. At least three other people I know bought chicks. I either live in a chicken bubble or the trend is real.

So it was great to hear this story on NPR. There is also a link to the "Chicken Whisperer" and his web radio show from Atlanta.

As for our three little ones, it is amazing how fast they have been shedding their downy feathers and how much they grow each day. The kids love to watch them.

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