Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leaping Lamb Farm Stay

My family and I had the great pleasure of traveling to Oregon this summer, running away from the fog, and having four glorious days in this farm near Corvalis. Apart from reducing our standing blood pressure reading by at least 10 points, we got to see some of the inner workings of a hobby farm.

The inside view both inspired and tempered our fantasy of "living the dream" in a farm of our own. The place was beautiful and pastoral, especially as seen through our cabin windows while reclining in a comfortable chair, and from the perspective of our unhurried vacation mode. At some point however, I realized that what looked to me as a landscape to contemplate looked like an endless check list of chores to our farm hosts. For them there seemed to be a relentless pace, a rhythm to each day, that needed tending to without fail. I was never under the illusion that farming would be easy work but it was nonetheless sobering to realize the constancy required.

Our hosts, Scottie and Greg, were very friendly and invited us to join in for the most pleasureable of the tasks. The kids most enjoyed ringing a small cow bell on a string to bring in the sheep, the horses, and a donkey named Paco.

We wandered about the farm at our leisure. It was wonderful and I highly recommend this farm stay especially for families with kids. We hope to return a number of times while the kids are young.

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