Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swap your excess production a la Forage Oakland

In the latest issue of San Francisco Magazine there is a write up about Asiya Wadud, founder of Forage Oakland, one of my favorite blogs (see blogroll right). I would love to start a gleanig swap right here in San Francisco. Email if you would like to participate and I can schedule a date, time and place to share.

Here is the description of Asiya's work on the Magazine's website. I guess for the full article you'll have to see the issue.

Don’t get stuck with a lemon
You will, if you have a tree that produces more than you can use—an all-too-common embarrassment of riches that inspired Chez Panisse bartender Asiya Wadud to establish Forage Oakland. When she noticed piles of backyard fruit left rotting on the ground all over South Berkeley and North Oakland, she decided to create an online community where people can trade their excess lemons, figs, or anything else. Now, between shifts at the restaurant, Wadud spends her spare time bicycling through Rockridge and Temescal, gathering tree fruit and redistributing it among the group’s 200-plus members,

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