Monday, July 6, 2009

Tom Philpott on the media voices of food politics

In this article on, Tom Philpott gives a nice run down of the growth in media attention about our food systems. I thought it was especially relevant to link to his column after my post on Pollan's talk. Tom seems to be wondering if a more diverse discussion can emerge from under the "long shadow" cast by Michael P's work.

Well, just in the last hour I read, aside from Tom's article, two items in the New York Times magazine (I know... this is M.P.'s main vehicle) on Will Allen's Growing Power in Milwakee and another item, with recipes, about D.I.Y.'s in blighted Oakland (curing meats, foraging, and canning). There is some variety after all and these four are good reads. So here are the links and enjoy:

Tom Plilpott

Street Farmer (Growing Power's Will Allen)

Home Sweet (Urban) Homestead

Gut Check, Ezra Kleins new food politics column in the Washington Post

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